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Today we will be asking the question 'is conditioner bad for hair' and finding out if these wonderful TV adverts really have 'got it right' with their products!

So! Is conditioner bad for hair and if it is why in gods name are still using it girls? Well the marketing we come across for most ( if not all! ) conditioners leads us to believe we are putting the essence of life on our hair! Those fantastic TV adverts with the slim blonde girls tell us these conditioners can make our hair shine like theirs....sounds pretty good.

Some of the adverts even claim that conditioners can mend split ends! I'm sold!

So what are these marketing ploys really aiming at here? Are they the answer to our hair woes or is conditioner bad for hair?

It's all in The Delivery Girls!

Now think back to the last time you watched one of these adverts - do you remember what they were saying? The next time the same advert appears in a commercial break take note of what they are saying in the advert.

In most cases these adverts are claiming that you will get 'healthy looking hair' if you use their conditioners right? Well there's the alarm bells ringing for a start 'healthy LOOKING hair' - that could cover them for just about anything really couldn't it?

Conditioners Will Not Make Your Hair Healthy

Sorry if you've just popped out and grabbed the latest Loreal release girls but I'm afraid conditioners will not make your hair any healthier. They will improve the look of your hair by adding shine and chemicals but that's about it! Some conditioners tend to fill up breakage gaps within the hair but this is not repairing the hair - this is simply a stop gap to again make the hair appear healthier.

So.........is Conditioner Bad For Hair?

I'm sure most of you think you know where I am going with this but you'd be wrong - conditioner is not at all bad for your hair! No beauty product company would get away with selling you something damaging for your hair in this day and age.

There are the cheaper end products that offer conditioners for under $2 and what you get there is basically what you pay for - rubbish. If you want dry and uncontrollable hair then these cheaper conditioners are the way forward!

But if you stick to the more expensive ranges with vitamins and nutrients included then you are going to have good looking hair - period!

What you have to keep in mind is the health of your scalp - using cheap conditioners for years and years is probably not going to help the condition of your scalp or skin.

Answers to Questions!

So hopefully we have shed some light on the question 'is conditioner bad for hair?'. If you are worried by the amount of chemicals you are placing on your scalp then why don't you simply stop using your conditioner for a short while - see what happens!

In a lot of cases women have seen a drastic improvement in their hair and have never gone back to conditioners - it's never been a exact science!

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We've mentioned olive oil on numerous occasions on this site so we thought it was about time we created some sort of article on the subject. There are many benefits of olive oil for hair, skin and overall health - it's more than just a salad dressing ladies!

The Secret

Not so many people seem to know about the benefits of olive oil for hair and that's a real shame. Let's face it - money is real tight these days and the price of hair products goes up by the day ( daylight robbery in most cases!! ). 

If you pay a visit to your local grocery store and take a walk down the cosmetic aisle you will be confronted with an answer to every hair problem on the planet. The problem is you have to pay for that answer!

But these big companies know full well that the answer to a lot of hair conditions does not only lie in the bottom of an expensive bottle - it's lies in wait in most people's kitchens to!

So Effective

The benefits of olive oil for hair are so effective it's almost criminal!!! I know it's a little more messy than the normal high end creams but in some cases it works even better!

The nicest thing about olive oil is the fact it is totally natural - you know what you are putting into your hair. When was the last time you actually read the label closely on a bottle of shampoo? Can you remember the amount of mad sounding chemical names you came across? Were you a little worried about what these chemicals actually were?

The Special Powers!

So why are the benefits of olive oil for hair so impressive - what does this miracle oil contain that makes it such a superpower?

Well how often do you blow dry or color your hair? Every time you put your hair through a vigorous process you are damaging the outer layers of your hair. The fatty acids that a really good quality olive oil contain are awesome at covering up damaged hair and protecting it from further abuse.

The appearance of your hair will improve dramatically when you start applying the olive oil. You will notice a more sleeker and shiny finish to your hair - all natural!

The Benefits of Olive Oil For Hair

  • One of the main benefits of olive oil for hair is the way it takes on any old dandruff problem! When your scalp becomes to dry it flakes all up causing the dandruff problem to occur. Olive oil acts as a fantastic moisturizer for you scalp and reduces the appearance of the dandruff naturally.
  • Sooner or later most of us fall under the spell of frizzy hair - it's a complete nightmare! The more you brush and style your hair the more damage you cause and the more frizz appears. You can use olive oil on the frizzy tips of your hair to naturally tame it down and smooth it out. I find this is a really effective method to use in the cold winter months - my hair tends to be at it's frizzy best then!!
  • Damaged hair will always find it difficult to shine no matter what the weather. If you want shiny, healthy looking hair when you have damaged hair why not turn to the magic olive oil again? I find that the best way to achieve this is to use the olive oil instead of conditioner. When using olive oil as conditioner I also find that my hair becomes a lot more manageable than normal. I have quite thick hair and at times it becomes quite a bind controlling it. Olive oil seems to allow me to step over this problem!

So there we have it ladies - the benefits of olive oil for hair all laid out for you ( what are you waiting for? ). With normal conditioners you have to use them after every shampoo session - not so with the olive oil treatment! I tend to use it two to three times a week and that's fine for me. Keep in mind that I have quite thick hair so more normal hair should be fine with a couple of uses a week!

If you have any more information or an opinion on the benefits of olive oil for hair please feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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It's a very emotional subject for some but its one we have been meaning to cover on this site for some time now. Growing hair back after chemo can be a difficult and frustrating experience - this article covers a few of your options....
The Newer Drugs

There is little need to worry about growing hair back after chemo if you have been on some of the more recent drug programs. Unfortunately that is not the case with a lot of the older treatments out there - you still lose hair!

Depending on the drug, your hair may gradually thin before you lose it - or you may lose all your hair at once.

How Fast Will My Hair Return?

The rate of growing hair back after chemo differs a great deal between individuals. Most people's ( healthy ) hair grows at a rate of around half an inch every thirty days. This will differ slightly though after chemotherapy.

In a lot of cases as soon as the treatment is over there will be signs of a few hairs poking through. This usually results in small tight patches showing after about a fortnight. The treatment will take a LOT out of your body and the usual level of nutrients will be very low. This lack of nutrients is one of the contributing factors to the slow return/growth of the hair.

The hair will have a completely uneven feel to it unfortunately - coverage will not happen all at once! A lot of people report hair starting to appear before the treatment is finished but not usually at the front of the head. The general hair lines and crown of the head seem to be the slowest movers when growing hair back after chemo.

Growing Hair Back After Chemo - Caring For The Hair

As we touched upon above the hair that grows after treatment is often lacking in protein and nutrients. It is in a very weak state so it is best you go easy on it. If you decide to use a brush during styling then be very easy and gentle with it. Extra care should also be taken when using a blow dryer to - keep it on a nice low heat!

A lot of stylists will insist on constant trimming when growing hair back after chemo. This allows them to get rid of the unhealthy damaged hair and promote newer, healthier hair.


Not all shampoo choices out there are going to be ideal for you when growing hair back after chemo. A lot of 'top of the line' shampoos contain a vast amount of sulphates which are not exactly friendly to new hair.

Try and use shampoos that are based on elements from natural plants like jojoba. These plant oils will feel quite familiar to your scalp and will aid the conditioning process. There are a number of modern shampoos out there that contain a decent amount of protection against the sun. It would be a good idea to try some of these out as your hair will be effected by bad environmental processes when growing back.

When visiting a stylist or hairdresser make sure you alert them to the treatment you have been through. They may well change the course of action/hair care products they were going to use on you if they get the full picture.

Take Care of Your Scalp

Your scalp plays an important part when growing hair back after chemo so you must take extra care of it. After the treatment you may well find that your scalp is very dry and sensitive. You need something that will introduce some nutrients back into the scalp and start protecting it a little more.

Look out for Folic Acid products as they are good for supplying the B Vitamin group to the hair and skin. As well as this you may want to invest in some Camomile or Aloe Vera - both of which offer anti-inflammatory and soothing agents. You should also be looking for some ingredients that contain antioxidants like green tea or Fennel.

Your Opinions or Experiences

If you have had any experience with growing hair back after chemo or you have a worthwhile opinion on the subject please join in with the discussion by using the comment section below. We always welcome relevant contributions but please don't spam!

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In this article we will be looking into the subject of hair vitamins for thinning hair and determining if they will be of any use to us.
Thinning Hair - Not on Anyone's Christmas List!

I think no one, given a choice, would want to lose their hair. It's a confidence thing and how we look to the other sex often controls our confidence levels. You have landed at this article today looking for information on hair vitamins for thinning hair so you have already experienced some 'dread' relating to this subject.

Discovering your hair is thinning is a really traumatic experience for both sexes. Men you feel, take it on the chin more naturally as it is often looked upon as a 'male problem'. When it happens to women it can be VERY distressing.

It's all down to negative views I'm afraid - people have and always will look upon baldness as a sign of age. On the flip side of the coin they will always look at a full head of hair as youthful and a strong sign of health - it's unfair really!

So people have started to venture online to find out more information on hair vitamins for thinning hair. A natural solution seems a much more trusted way to go than pouring more chemicals into the equation don't you think?

Women Feel The Pain!

Hair is a very important and personal feature when it comes to women. You may think it vain to take so much time examining your hair but the signs can be very important. For example thinning hair can be a forewarning to hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency or poor nutrition.

Women who take note of their hair's condition can get an early alert to the signs of these problems enabling them to sort them out quicker. When you have returned your hair to vibrant healthy strands, chances are the rest of your body will also exhibit vibrant health.

Vitamins - Really?

So you are here looking for hair vitamins for thinning hair right? Well the problem here is that nobody really knows if there are any 'stand out' vitamins that promote hair growth! Maybe you should be asking yourself if you have some sort of vitamin deficiency that is a lot more serious.

With a 'real' vitamin deficiency everything can be effected so it's important that we find out WHAT vitamins we are lacking and then top up. This could definitely be one of the reasons the hair was thinning in the first place!

Vitamin D, zinc and iron are all quite important when it comes to the development of hair. So if any of these are on the slide within your system it's a good idea to try and get the levels right again.

Do you see what I'm saying here? There are no real hair vitamins for thinning hair - there are vitamins that need to be leveled up within your body.

Sure you will come across products aimed at pumping new vitamins into your hair to promote growth but NONE of these can definitely say they will work.

By simply eating a healthy diet you should have enough vitamin intake to look after your hair the correct way - you do not need special hair vitamins for thinning hair or any other sort of expensive pill for this.

Your Opinion Counts!

What is your opinion on hair vitamins for thinning hair? have you bought any in the past only to find out they were not worth the packaging? Do you think they have worked for you? We would love to hear your opinion on these vitamin supplements and we are sure our readers would to. Please leave any thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks!

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Have you ever wondered how hair turns gray and why this process happens at different times to different people? When I turned twenty my ( bleached ) blonde hair required quite a bit of brushing due to it's thick texture and it's long length. At times this required help from my friends - probably due to laziness but all the same it required help!
It was one of these friends that first pointed out that I may have been turning grey! What!!!!! It's a bit of a wake up call I can vouch for that!

I was young and I had no idea why this was happening. Sure enough as the years rolled by in my twenties I witnessed more and more grey coming through. This called for a counter action of many different hair dyes and products which hasn't really stopped. I finally got to the point where I wanted to look into how hair turns gray to find out why I was so unlucky with my gene pool!

How Hair Turns Gray

We will all go gray at some point or another - a fact of life I'm afraid! Some people ( like me! ) will be unfortunate to start going gray in their twenties whilst others will be fine until they hit their fifties - it's the luck of the draw!

So let's take a look at how hair turns gray and what we can do about it.....

When your color producing cells refuse to create any more pigment your hair will start to turn gray. Don't believe the old wives tale about stress - it's not behind the reason why you are turning gray!

Do I Have a Medical Problem?

No in most cases turning gray has nothing to do with any underlying or serious medical conditions. There is research that suggests a B-12 deficiency or a pituitary or thyroid gland problem could result in premature grey hair. All of these causes are probably reversible when the problem is confronted.

A more simple approach to how hair turns gray is provided by the dynamics of melanin which controls the amount of pigment our hair receives. When the 'melanin clock' slows down then the pigment to our hair slows down as well!

The rate at which you turn grey is often down to your own choices. For example if you are a smoker then this could well increase the rate of hair graying. If you do not consider the nutrition levels in your diet then this could also contribute to hair graying early.

If you have any opinions on how hair turns gray or any experiences please feel free to contribute to the article by leaving them in the comment section below this post. 
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Are you one of those people who wonder why hair gets greasy overnight? Isn't it about time you stopped this process and had a slightly easier morning? This article will look into the factors surrounding why hair gets greasy overnight and point out a few solutions!

When Hair Gets Greasy Overnight

It's a pretty hard problem to pin down this one - mainly because there are numerous reasons for hair becoming greasy ( especially overnight! ). A lot of women tend to suffer from this even though they claim they hardly ever use hair products!

When hair gets greasy overnight it's usually down to the individual ( I'm not having a go! ). For example a lot of experts advise not showering every day but this can have a really backwards effect on some people's hair.

Another question to ask yourself is how often do you use shampoo and conditioner? A lot of women insist on using it every day whilst others only do it two to three times a day. Were you aware that frequently shampooing and conditioning your hair can really damage it in some cases.


So here's the lowdown on what to do if you need to condition and your hair gets greasy overnight. Try your best to use as little conditioner as possible when in the shower. Also when you are actually using the conditioner don't get to close to the roots or the scalp of your hair - only condition the top half of your hair ( or the bottom half - depends which way you are looking at it! ).

How often do you actually look at the shampoos and conditioners you are buying ( and I mean closely? ). If a top of the range shampoo or conditioner is on sale the week you go shopping don't buy it for the sake of having something expensive! check to see if you are using a 'add nourishment' product. If you are then what are you doing? Your hair gets greasy overnight - you don't need any more nourishment!

Brushing And Touching

Sometimes brushing your hair can make it appear a lot less greasy and a lot cleaner - but try not to overdo it with the brushing routine! A lot of women also find that by simply not touching their hair so often they end up with a healthier finish. A friend of mine who's hair gets greasy overnight noticed that when she was stressed or had a really long day her hair would always appear more greasy. She then realized that during these stressful situations she was continually brushing the hair off her face and running her hands through it!

Dry Shampoo

There is always the option of dry shampoo if your hair gets greasy overnight but it is a little on the expensive side. You can get cheaper versions but these tend to be not really that effective ( in my humble opinion ).

If you cannot afford this dry shampoo why not try to use a little baby powder on the really oily spots of your head? Simply brush it in smoothly and it will improve the look of your hair and make you look a little 'cleaner' overall!

If your hair gets greasy overnight and you have a few remedies that we have not included here we would love to hear from you! Simply input your opinions or methods into the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for stopping by and good luck with handling that hair :)

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These days there are many different hair coloring techniques for men and women to choose out of. In this article we will be covering the most popular hair coloring methods and explaining why each one is so popular.....
The different hair coloring techniques available have changed so much over the last couple of decades. I can still remember a school friend of mine taking on here jet black hair because she wanted to be blonde ( after all - blonde's have more fun....apparently! ).

It was a long, long drawn out process for her and I often felt really sorry for her. After hours of us battling with her hair she would end up looking like she had a head full of straw - sure it WAS blonde but boy it looked cheesy!

Then there was the friend who was blonde but loved the look of darker girls....boy she went through the ringer trying to reach the perfect shade. She would often end up looking like one of the Adams Family before goth was even a fashion!

Thankfully these days the different hair coloring techniques are a lot more effective and realistic. In most cases they are nowhere near as bad for your hair either! Let's take a closer look at them.....

The Different Hair Coloring Techniques

Highlights - These go back as far as I can remember and are still as popular now as when I was a kid! Highlights work best in warm shades of gold, honey, amber, and reds. There are a lot of effective hair dye's created especially for highlights but there is a more temporary method some turn to ( a much cheaper method to! ).

I know of a few girls that use cheap and easy mascara to highlight their hair - basically painting strand after strand to reach the desired look! It actually looks really good but it obviously washes out instantly and needs to be re-applied!

Twilighting - I was unaware of this method until about five years back when a colleague decided I would look good with the technique applied to my hair. Out of all the different hair coloring techniques I think this is the one I know turn to most frequently. It's a process of making light hair a little darker at the ends - if done correctly it really does look quite beautiful.

Lowlights - Because of the many different hair coloring techniques available I tend not to see so many girls sporting lowlights these days. I think this is generally down to the popularity of twilighting and the fact that the two are very closely related. As I mentioned above I prefer the look of twilighting but there are a few out there that go for the darker tones of lowlights.

Veiling - I often see girls with more reddish tones going for this technique these days and it does look quite good on them. It is the process of enhancing portions of old flat hair color by applying a semi-permanent glaze in a richer tone over a permanent shade.

Chunking - Out of all the different hair coloring techniques this one still seems to be the most dramatic. It really does have some input on your overall style and look! With this process the stylist will take much larger portions of your hair and turn them into new infusions - the color will blast right through! In most cases it works best by choosing a really bright and bold color to go against your natural color - very effective and confident when done correctly!

All Over Hair Application - This is obviously the most commonly used of the different hair coloring techniques but we still have to include it. It can be done by simply standing in front of your bathroom mirror and the results can be up and running within 30 minutes!

These days you are spoiled for choice when it comes to all over hair applications. You can pick up professional colors for about $5 in most larger stores and the process to apply is easy enough. Either do it yourself or get a friend in to help you - the results will look great if you take your time applying!

Changing Your Image With Ease

The different hair coloring techniques available to you these days allow us to change our whole image with relative ease. If you are bored of looking at the same old tired style in the mirror you can change your image within a 24 hour period!

If you have any questions regarding the different hair coloring techniques above please leave them in the comment section below......

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​Today we will be touching on the subject of how to make straight hair wavy without using curler. Wavy hair tends tends to duck in and out of fashion circles but remains very popular. Presently the style seems quite fashionable considering more and more A-listers are sporting it. So let's take a look at how to make straight hair wavy without using curler - a more natural way to develop the look!
If you try to add up the amount of girls you knew that owned a hair curler you would quickly run out of fingers ( and toes! ). It sort of fits in everywhere really doesn't it? Special occasions, a summers day down the mall, lunch on a Sunday - wavy hair fits all seasons!

But the constant heat involved with shaping your hair is not going to be good for you in the long run. So we decided to do a little research among our contributors and find out about the natural methods they use to make straight hair wavy without using curler...

The first method made me laugh a little because I was unsure whether it was a joke or not. Turns out my friend was being pretty serious so I thought I'd give it a shot before listing it on here - turns out it works like a charm! 

The Bun And Mousse Method!

This is a pretty foolproof method and it goes something like this.....

  • Scrunch up your hair with a little mousse 
  • Place the moussed hair within a bun style
  • Simply sleep on the bun and release the hair in the morning

For obvious reasons don't wash the hair the next morning as you'll lose the main body of the wavy style. I know it sounds a little TO simple but it actually does work - give it a try! 

The Salt Water Mix​

Again this is a reasonably easy method and it is much better for your hair than putting it through a curling heat process. This is how you make straight hair wavy without using curler through salt:

  • ​First you have to mix up one tablespoon of salt with about 8-10oz of water.
  • Get hold of an empty spray bottle and fill with the salt water mixture.
  • Spray evenly all over the hair
  • Get strands of your hair and gently twist them around your index finger
  • Very slowly and from distance dry the hair with a blow dryer ( on very low heat! )
  • The more hair you put into the twist the larger the overall wave. Remember - tight little waves will only need a small amount of hair twisted around the finger!

The Rock n Rollers!!

You remember the good old rollers your mum used to use ( come on the 80's!! ), well these are often still used to ​make straight hair wavy without using curler. 

  • Wash and conditioner your hair at night before you are due to hit the sack!
  • Place rollers within the hair whilst it is still really damp
  • Sleep on the rollers throughout the night and remove in the morning

OK I'll be the first to admit that this is not the most comfortable of nights sleep but it really does work and there is no heat involved in the process at any point!

​The Loose Braid 

This is a method used by women back in the 50's to make straight hair wavy without using curler.

  • Wash your hair but do not dry it to vigorously - leave it quite damp overall
  • Tie the hair into a large but very loose braid and leave hang
  • ​The tightness of the braid will determine the tightness of the waves
  • Untangle the braid after an hour and then spray with a gentle hair spray to try and hold the style for as long as possible.

This method ​seems to be one of the more popular ways to make straight hair wavy without using curler due to the time factor - it only takes about an hour to get the desired effect!

From Rags to Riches!

Again this is a really old method used to make straight hair wavy without using curler. All you need is an old t-shirt cut up into a few strips......

  • Wash your hair and refrain from drying it
  • Tie bits of the rags around grouped strands of hair
  • Sleep on the hair and untie the bits of rags the following morning
  • Your hair will have a beautiful natural wave until you wash it next!

These are the simple methods we recommend to ​​make straight hair wavy without using curler. They are much more natural looking ( and better for your hair! ) than when using a curling iron. If you have any methods we may have missed out please leave them in the comment section below! 

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Hello again! With this article here today we will be covering the in's and out's of the natural hair type chart. By simply walking down the high street you will be confronted with hundreds and hundreds of different hairstyles and different hair types.
We are all individual in our personality and our look ( well at least we all try to be anyway! ). Can you imagine how difficult this must be for for a qualified stylist....I've often wondered how they cope and how they keep up with the different trends!


I decided to create an article around the natural hair type chart today due to a friend of mine's struggle to find something she deemed 'suitable' for her hair type. She is a little younger than me and her parents were originally Nigerian and she felt she had a constant battle going on with her mop!

The Natural Hair Type Chart

I decided to do a little research with her and contacted a few of the contributors to this site for information. All had their own opinions and suggestions on which route she should take and a couple mentioned if she had type 3b hair or above.

Not wanting to sound a little stupid I played along with this for a bit and answered yes - this was my first real encounter with the natural hair type chart ( illustrated at the top of this article! ).

I came clean in the end and let's be honest here - I pretty much had to! After a few giggles and back handed comments one of the girls directed me to a few sites where I could familiarize myself with the whole natural hair type chart system.

Where Did it Come From?

This widely used hair classification system was originally put together and designed by no other than Oprah Winfrey’s hair stylist - Andre Walker. I am reliably informed ( although I was a little confused at first! ) that Andre Walker is is actually male and he wrote a book surrounding the natural hair type chart.

It's a simply laid out chart that basically classifies the common hair textures. As it turned out the friend in question was actually a 3b type hair texture on this chart and knowing this she was able to gather some really handy and creative style options for her hair!

As you can see from the natural hair type chart it ranges from 1a to 4c and the hair types drastically change along the way. 1a is set to cover very soft and shiny hair that will not really hold any sort of curl shape whilst 4c is a really tightly knitted and kinked hair type.

Anyway we thought we better include a post covering this subject as knowing your hair texture on the natural hair type chart will increase your choices when it comes to styling. So pick your hair texture rating and let your stylist get creative......

Good luck!

<![CDATA[Washing Hair With Beer - Beer Hair Conditioning]]>Mon, 19 May 2014 18:16:32 GMThttp://bestshampoofordyedhair.weebly.com/blog/washing-hair-with-beer-beer-hair-conditioning
We drink it, we get emotional on it and we put weight on with it - now washing hair with beer is becoming the new kid on the block! Beer hair conditioning is one of those subjects I just can't quite keep a straight face about. As I sit here writing this I cannot help but smile about how ridiculous the post title sounds but guess what guys - washing hair with beer works!
It's not just the hair either - both guys and girls have started to use it as a skin care product and guess what - it rocks at that to! Apparently ( and this is the god's honest truth now! ) it actually maintains the skins pH balance.

So let's take a look at what makes beer hair conditioning so effective......

Looking For Something Nourishing....Try Washing Hair With Beer!

I first stumbled upon the idea of beer hair conditioning when I was talking to a friend about the thickness of their hair. You see I have very thick hair whilst she had very thin hair - she was actually jealous of my mop top!

She had been led to believe that beer hair conditioning would actually lead to much thicker hair and more volume. Of course I couldn't stop laughing at this but the more I witnessed it at work - the more surprised I became.

It really did work for her......and I mean work REALLY WELL! If you have thin hair and you are thinking about the washing hair with beer technique - get on it now!


Well beer contains phosphorous, magnesium and maltose which are very powerful factors in hair care ( who would have thought! ). The malt and hops that are always present in beer contain very high levels of protein. This protein is key to the hair being nourished and growing out strong.

This protein is also thought to be very effective at bringing dry hair back to life. If dry hair is damaged by a lot of blow drying - washing hair with beer will improve it's health! The beer sort of clings onto the dried out hair and binds it together again!

Vitamin B in Beer Hair Conditioning

The alcohol in beer is made up of high percentages of B vitamins. When you are constantly washing hair with beer you are infusing these vitamins into your hair and scalp!

I'm pleased to tell you that the B vitamins are brilliant for adding shine to your hair. The beer hair conditioning you carry out will tighten the hair’s cuticles, which makes light bounce off of your hair. I'm not kidding about here.....this really does work out famously!

Beer & Apple Cider Hair Rinse - Not Exactly a Pantene Product But Still!!

My choice would be washing hair with beer in the shower old school style! By this I mean going through the whole shower routine ( including shampooing the hair ) and then using beer hair conditioning at the end.

I know it doesn't really sound that girly but if I'm honest - I don't really care! Take a bottle of beer in the shower and get it done!

But if your not up for that the beer and apple cider hair rinse might be what you are looking for! You basically create some beer hair conditioning from these simple ingredients:

  • A quarter of a cup of beer ( of course! )
  • A quarter of a cup of water
  • Two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Mix this lot together and use instead of your normal conditioner - let it sit right in there for about five minutes before washing it out. Don't be afraid of the beer hair conditioning causing a smell to your hair - the vinegar sort of cuts straight through that and cancels it out!

So there we have it! Washing hair with beer seems to be the new way to go when it comes to hair care products! What next may I ask........vodka eyeliner? :)